Net Neutrality as of 2015

In 2015, the FCC added regulations that prevented Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Verizon and Comcast from favoring certain websites and charging more to use things. Continue reading “Net Neutrality as of 2015”


Ajit Pai’s “Restoring Internet Freedom”

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai proposed the repeal of the 2015 Open Internet Order, commonly referred to as net neutrality, which will be voted on by a small committee starting December 14. Continue reading “Ajit Pai’s “Restoring Internet Freedom””

Welcome to Hell

The amount of sexual assault allegations that have surfaced in the media in the past few weeks is at a disappointing, but not surprising number.  Continue reading “Welcome to Hell”

BTS is taking over the world

This year, South Korean boyband BTS has taken over the US. Continue reading “BTS is taking over the world”

Fall Out Boy – “Champion” Review

Fall Out Boy released the second track on their upcoming album “M A  N   I    A” and it is an uplifting summer anthem. Continue reading “Fall Out Boy – “Champion” Review”

Harry Styles – Sign of the Times MV Review

Harry Styles finally released the music video for his debut solo single “Sign of the Times” this morning and it is has fans just as excited as when the song was released.  Throughout the nearly six minute video, Styles is seen floating above beautiful scenery in Scotland. Though it is a simple music video, Styles’ usual calm and soothing aesthetic is perfectly captured. Continue reading “Harry Styles – Sign of the Times MV Review”

Live Review – Call Me Karizma Emo Espresso Tour – Dallas – March 7, 2017

The line outside of The Prophet Bar was almost a block long as fans waited for doors to open for The Emo Espresso Tour.  After the release of his newest EP, Call Me Karizma went on his first headlining tour across the country. With his fast rise in popularity over the past year, tickets for Karizma’s show in Dallas unsurprisingly nearly sold out. Continue reading “Live Review – Call Me Karizma Emo Espresso Tour – Dallas – March 7, 2017”

Agust D Mixtape Review

Kpop idol Min Yoongi released his highly anticipated, self-produced, self-titled solo mixtape on August 15 under the name Agust D.  His mixtape is different from the music that he puts out with his band, BTS (방탄소년단,) and he examines mental health issues not usually discussed in idol culture. In an interview with Grazia magazine, Agust D explained his new stage name. Agust D backwards is “Dt Suga,” with Suga being the name he goes by with BTS, and Dt standing for his hometown Daegu Town, South Korea.”

Continue reading “Agust D Mixtape Review”