Live Review – Call Me Karizma Emo Espresso Tour – Dallas – March 7, 2017

The line outside of The Prophet Bar was almost a block long as fans waited for doors to open for The Emo Espresso Tour.  After the release of his newest EP, Call Me Karizma went on his first headlining tour across the country. With his fast rise in popularity over the past year, tickets for Karizma’s show in Dallas unsurprisingly nearly sold out.

Patternist had a short set, but kick-started the show, getting the crowd ready for the night ahead of them.  With music reminiscent of The 1975, Gabe Mouer and Ashton McKenzie had the audience excited and dancing before the end of their set.

With the unique mix of a trumpeter and bass guitarist excitedly playing on stage with him, Kid Quill hyped up the crowd so much that it looked like it could have been his headlining show.  His music was relatable and fun, plus his interactions with the audience made it obvious how comfortable and content he was on stage.  The peak of Kid Quill’s set was the trumpeter, Connor, having to down a can of beer during the intro of one of the songs.  After his first time in Dallas, Kid Quill said that he “CANNOT wait to come back.”


When the house lights when down, a hush went over the crowd in anticipation for the stage lights for the next set.  The stage lights never came on, instead Cosmos & Creature had videos projected on to the stage which made their performance more intimate.  Imagine a mixture of Florence and the Machine and Death Cab for Cutie, and you’ll get Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore’s calm but captivating performance.

The tiny bar was buzzing with anticipation of Karizma.  During his set, the Minnesota rapper was so excited he couldn’t stop giggling when the crowd sang his lyrics back to him.  The mix of new songs and older songs showed Karizma how far he had come since he played in Dallas for the first time two years ago.

The atmosphere of his set was moving and lively because of the relatable, emotional lyrics, but was brought to a different level of excitement when he played the fan favorite, “F U Till I F U.”  From then on until the end of the show, the fans didn’t stop jumping and singing along.


He played the song “Cotton Candy” as his encore. The song that Karizma put out with The Ready Set was a crowd pleaser and a great way to wrap up the night.  He got off the stage and danced and jumped with the crowd until it was over.  He then fulfilled his promise to the fans that he would stand in the bar until he got to meet every single person that was there. He took pictures and signed things, and even got a fan to French braid his hair.

Call Me Karizma is going to be back in Dallas on March 24 to kick off South by So What with Forever the Sickest Kids! Check out his new EP, EMO on iTunes and Spotify.


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