GOT7 “Flight Log: Turbulence” Review

“After an exciting year of new music and a world tour, South Korean band GOT7 just made a comeback with the second installment of their “Flight Log” series, “Flight Log: Turbulence,” and they have already made it to the number 1 spot on the Billboard World Albums Chart. The 13-track album has a mixture of R&B influenced songs and EDM back beats. Even the slower, emotional songs have dance beats, making “Turbulence” a party album.”

The cryptic trailer that was released a week before the album follows the storyline from “Flight Log: Departure” and its title track, ‘Fly.’ Viewers are led to believe that the seven-piece group was in a car accident that was fatal for some of the members.

Less than two weeks after the music video for the title track ‘Hard Carry,’ dropped on YouTube, it hit 11 million views. It flashes back and forth between contrasting sets of an airplane, the crashed cars, a huge white room covered in trees, and under the water. The song and the music video were great ways to introduce the comeback with a catchy hook and captivating choreography.

From JYPE’s GOT7 photo gallery

Eleven out of the thirteen songs on the album were at least partially written by the members, and the songs sound more refined and intimate than their previous music. Though GOT7 is known for happy, upbeat pop songs, a few of the songs on the album are full of more heartbreak than the music that came before “Turbulence.”

Some of the most moving lyrics on the album are from the songs ‘Sick (아파)’ and ‘Mayday.’ Both songs are describing the grieving process that happens after a relationship ends.  The song ‘Mayday,’ written by Park Jinyoung, is a plea to not let go of the relationship; to save him from the danger he feels when he’s alone.  Apologizing became a habit, even though he never fully understood what he was saying.

Choi Youngjae, credited as ARS, wrote the lyrics of ‘Sick (아파).’ The song is a telling of the aftermath of a breakup.  While ‘Mayday,’ sounded like an urgent story with the hope of reaching someone, this song sounds like a goodbye. There is a lot of pain in the lyrics, and the slower, R&B influenced sound makes it clear.

All seven of the members are rocking this comeback with their looks and their contributions to the album, but it definitely feels like this is BamBam’s era.  He looks and sounds better than ever. It seems like he dominates the album’s sound by perfectly exemplifying the pop style that the band is known for in songs like ‘Skyway,’ ‘Boom x3,’ and ‘No Jam,’ while still bringing something different to draw in listeners.

BamBam’s Turbulence Promo from JYPE’s GOT7 photo gallery

Future plans for the band include releasing a Japanese mini-album on November 16, 2016 and several television and radio appearances in the next month.

GOT7’s new music has a more alluring and mature sound, which is a logical follow up of the band’s previous projects.  There isn’t a song on “Flight Log: Turbulence,” that doesn’t have a catchy, inviting chorus that is going to get stuck in your head.


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