callmekarizma – “Uninvited” Album Review

“Minnesota native callmekarizma released his new album Uninvited on April 28, 2016, which just happened to be his 21st birthday. The rapper’s album was produced by friends and current tour mates Stephen and John Gomez of The Summer Set.  Karizma is on the Stories for Monday tour with them until the end of the US stretch of the tour.”

 Most of the songs on the album are about Karizma’s past friendships and relationships. It seems like the whole album is basically saying “fuck you,” to the people who have made his life difficult. Even the songs with the somewhat sad undertones are enjoyable. Every song on Uninvited has a similar sounding musical undertone, with a lot of synthetic noises and clap-like drum hits, which make the album flow well.

The first song on the album, ‘Hit the Road‘ is Karizma trying to clean out the people in his life who are not good for him. “Fuck you, I don’t need you.” This is a good opener to the album because it explains the feelings behind the other eight songs.  This song has the least amount of rap on it, as it is mostly him singing.

Happy Birthday’ is the second song, and Karizma talks about a girl he used to date. He reminisces on the memories they had together, but decides he is way better off without her.  “You’re the worst in the worst way/I’m happy you’re not here on my birthday.” The beginning of the song has no other sounds besides a melodic clicking and Karizma’s voice singing the chorus, leading into the calming way he tells his girl that he wants to be completely done with her, but it’s hard to forget about everything.

The gang vocals and enthusiastic chorus on ‘Love Me Right’ make it one of the most addictive songs on Uninvited. The first verse starts with Karizma rapping about all of the things that this person does to hurt or annoy him, but ends with him saying that even after all of these things, he still wants to be together.  This is one of the most relatable songs on the album, because everyone knows what it is like to be treated horribly by someone, but still have feelings for them. “You’re the worst, but I want you/ I know it hurts, but I have to.”

One of the slower songs on the album, ‘Real Friend’ is Karizma tearing apart people who were fake to him. Treating Karizma like shit will end with getting a song written about you, clearly. Though in the other songs he is definitely not happy, the slower music but more intense rapping in ‘Real Friend’ make him sound angrier and discouraged.

The most “pop” track oUninvited, ‘Thank God for Summer’ definitely has the potential to be an anthem of the season. Karizma gave the song its live debut in Dallas, Texas on April 19, and it was a crowd favorite. The lyrics talk about giving up all of the things that stressed you out for most of the year and just having fun over the summer. This is a celebration of youth, of letting go of your inhibitions. “We don’t care/ We don’t hear you/ You look great in my rearview.”

Whatever’ is undoubtedly the happiest song on the album. The rap includes a nice anecdote to bad days, giving advice on how to keep your head up. Karizma’s warm smile can almost be heard while he sings the memorable chorus. This song could easily be compared to some of Hoodie Allen’s older music, with cheerful melodies and positive lyrics.

One of the singles from Uninvited, ‘F U Till I F U’ tells a tale of a failing relationship that keeps going in circles. Karizma released a version of this song on his Loser EP. The new version features Cass singing the heart-wrenching chorus. The somber song follows the theme of the album and talks about how the two are not good for each other but he still tried hard to stay close to them.

Darkness‘ goes from angry to sad several times. He talks about how this person is using him, which makes him angry. Then he sings about how it sucks that he needs the person. The chorus was memorable and elevated the depressing tone of the song, but the bridge towards the end of the song was hauntingly sad. “You are the poison in my air/ You tend to kill me but I need you if you care/ I want to die, but you’re keeping me alive.”

The final song on the album, ‘Mr. Anxious’ sounds like Karizma is speaking of his anxiety and everything in his life that it affects.  He said that he is tired of his whole body battling itself. He asks himself things like if he could have a good day, but his anxiety won’t let him. “You’ve been fucking up my mind now for years/ I love my anxiety.”

After touring with Max Schnieder last fall and then The Summer Set this spring, Karizma has quite a following. Uninvited is a solid, animated album that will lead to Karizma’s success in 2016. His unique style and musicality are drawing a lot of people to him very fast, which means that any moment now Karizma is going to blow up.


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