Trifraternal Relations – UNT

There are three fraternities on campus that focus on music: Phi Mu Alpha, Mu Phi Epsilon, and Sigma Alpha Iota. While there are several things that the groups differ on, the things that they agree on are the most important: music and fellowship.

“As long as you like music, you should fit in,” Sigma Alpha Iota member Kayle Koberowski said.

Phi Mu Alpha is the most secretive out of the three, and it is also the largest. It is overall the largest fraternity on campus, with 105 active members. The large group of loud guys could be a little intimidating, but the closer you get, the more obvious it is that they are just a bunch of friendly, welcoming people.

Koberowski said that the guys in Phi Mu Alpha are “not only goofy, but welcoming, open, and helpful.”

Mu Phi Epsilon is a more professional fraternity and is the only one out of the three that is coed. Members of the other two fraternities say that because MPE deals with the more professional side of music, they aren’t as close as PMA and SAI are. A member of one of the other fraternities said that it sometimes seems that they think they are “better than everyone.”

“Some people could see that [professional aspect] the wrong way,” said Koberowski.

Sigma Alpha Iota is an all female music fraternity that is just as social as Phi Mu. It is just like a normal fraternity or sorority in the aspect that the bonds that are formed are very strong. The members know that if they need anything, everyone else in the fraternity is available to help. The older members are like mirrors for the new ones, and these role models are very important to the group.

Mu Phi Epsilon member Andrew Parent said that the three fraternities being so close is a really great thing. “It’s nice to reach out to your brother or sister fraternity.”

Ask any fraternity or sorority member what the most important part of their membership is, and the same answer will be produced: the other members are like family to them.

“I hate them, but I love them. You don’t get to pick your family but you do get to pick your friends. In the fraternity, you get to pick both,” said a member of Phi Mu Alpha.

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