Phi Mu Alpha American Music Recital

The American Music Recital for the University of North Texas and the University of Texas – Arlington Phi Mu Alpha chapters was on Sunday, April 3 in the Recital Hall on the UNT campus.  The special thing about this recital is that every piece was performed was written by an American composer.  Though the brothers of both chapters were extremely talented, those gifts were not represented as well as they could have been because of how poorly organized this show was.

The program was only two pages, but was not an accurate schedule of the recital.   Several of the acts that went on were not even listed in the program.  This made the audience uneasy for at least half of the time.  There were sets that they moved around because it made more sense to have specific ensembles of similar sizes.

Marie Thill, mother of UNT Phi Mu Alpha brother, said that the concert would have been much more cohesive and organized if everyone was wearing nice clothes.  Most of the members were wearing dress pants and nice shirts, but there were a few people who were wearing jeans and t-shirts.

“The ones that were dressed up looked more professional,” Thill said. “They looked nicer.”

Although the organization was subpar, the talent of the fraternity was obvious.  The show was opened and closed by the Phi Mu Alpha choir, which was everyone from both chapters on stage at the same time singing what sounded like hymns.

“I think it’s great to get back to American music once in a while,” Sophomore Jacob Rodriguez said. “It’s definitely a part of our core values to advance all kinds of music in America.”

Rodriguez was only a part of the chorus at the AMR, but he enjoyed getting to meet the brothers from another chapter.  He said that seeing other people enjoy the same things he did made him happy.

Thill said that out of all of the songs performed, her favorite had to be a quartet’s performance of Charlie Daniels’ “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” Joe Gellar played the fiddle and sang, Joe Trinkle played the Devil’s guitar part, Joe Hicks played backing fguitar, and Moody Schoolar played the drums.  This performance warranted a standing ovation from about a third of the audience, even though there were several technical difficulties.

The Phi Mu Alpha American Music Recital brought over 100 brothers together to perform for the UNT College of Music community.  Almost 40 American songs were played to show how talented everyone in the two chapters of this fraternity are.

“It was awesome to get the chance to perform [at the recital] with my brothers,” Gellar said.

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