Hoodie Allen – “Happy Camper” Review

“New York rapper Hoodie Allen started the new year off right when he released his new mixtape, Happy Camper. After over a year of waiting since his last release, his fans were rewarded with the brand new material on January 22, 2016.”

As of one week after the album coming out, Hoodie Allen tweeted that Happy Camper officially made the Billboard Top 10 list. So far, only two singles have been released: ‘Champagne and Pools’ and ‘Are U Having Any Fun?.’ The first features Super Duper Kyle and Blackbear. ‘Champagne and Pools’ was released on November 19, 2015 and was accompanied by the announcement of Happy Camper and Hoodie’s tour with Kyle and Blackbear. Although there was no video, this song was great promo for the tour and the new album. Allen also put a poll on his twitter asking what song he should release a new music video for: ‘Remind Me Of,’ ‘Champagne and Pools,’ or ‘Surprise Party ft. Blackbear.’

The second single, ‘Are U Having Any Fun? ft. Meghan Tonjes,’ was released on January 19, 2016, just a few days before the album. It is a fun and energetic track, and the music video enhances that happy energy.  It follows Hoodie while he tries to make a girl enjoy a date. He has to do certain things to gain points like in a video game, but some things he does makes him lose fun points. The end has a humorous twist: the “game” glitches and instead of going in for a kiss at the end of the date, Hoodie has a choreographed dance sequence, including backup dancers.

Possibly the most relatable song on the album is the emotional track, ‘King to Me.’ The song seems to be talking about a rocky relationship with a father figure, mentioning fights and disrespect.  Hoodie also talks about being close with his little brother. “Cause you showed me how, showed me how to be a man/And always had a plan for me, a family.” This song is about sticking with family through thick and thin and the love/hate relationships that happen.

The rest of the songs on the album are all songs you can dance to, including ‘Make You Feel ft. Ricky Smith.’ This track’s lyrics are talking about how relationships, romantic or friendly, are hard to handle.

In the opening track, ‘Intro to Anxiety,’ Hoodie covers what goes through his mind when he is feeling anxious. He raps about worrying about talking to girls and awkward situations in public, wondering if it would be easier to move back home with his parents. “I think I’ll be alone forever, maybe I’ll live with my parents/That way I could eat the food and never feel embarrassed cause…” Hoodie talks about his future of being a father in ‘So Close to Happiness.’ Then it changed to him being worried about his career peaking and he’ll just be another name to people.

Hoodie Allen’s new mixtape Happy Camper has fans excited for the upcoming year, which includes a tour with Super Duper Kyle and Blackbear starting at the beginning of February and ending in the middle of March. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear songs from Happy Camper on the radio all year.

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